Weight Loss

What would it feel like if you could eat healthy foods and improve your fitness levels? No more dieting. No more relying on food to make you feel better when you’re bored or stressed. No more feeling guilty about what you’re eating and no more feeling self conscious when you look in the mirror.

Maybe you’ve already tried a few diets. Perhaps you’ve also tried slimming groups such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World, but you didn’t lose the amount of weight that you hoped or wanted. Diets rely on people eating the right quantities and types of food in order to lose weight and when combined with willpower and motivation, they can be an effective way for some people. However, although you might want to lose weight on a conscious level, often your subconscious mind has other ideas and so the process of shedding those excess pounds becomes more difficult.

Which therapy?

The problem with diets is that they are a temporary process that we go through in order to achieve our weight loss goal. Once the weight has been lost, we often resume our old eating habits and patterns, leading to weight gain and so the yo-yo dieting cycle begins. Diets are usually about restrictions and as we know from when we were children, as soon as you tell somebody that they can’t have something, that thing very quickly becomes the one thing that they do want! Rather than think about weight loss in terms of ‘dieting’, it can be more helpful to think of it as a lifestyle change; one where you can still have the foods that you enjoy, you’re just not going to eat them every day.

Hypnotherapy is a popular choice of therapy for weight loss and by working with your subconscious mind, a variety of techniques can be used to increase your motivation and activity levels, whilst embedding new healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

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