Supervision is an integral part of providing safe and effective hypnotherapy.

Whether you’re currently studying, have recently completed training or are an experienced therapist who is seeking supervision, I may be able to help.

Hypnotherapy Supervision

Supervision enables a hypnotherapist to review and reflect on their work and is considered to be vital in safe, ethical and professional practice. In the early stages of a therapist’s career, supervision can be an important source of support and advice in emergencies or with clients whose presenting issues are difficult or complex. For experienced therapists, supervision can be a valuable ‘checking in’ process, providing a fresh perspective, helping therapists to stay grounded, maintain professional and personal boundaries and avoid burnout.

One to One, Telephone and Skype Sessions

As an approved Supervisor for The National Hypnotherapy Society, I work within the society’s supervision guidelines, however I may be able to provide supervision if you belong to another professional organisation. One to one supervision sessions are held at one of my offices in Leeds and telephone and Skype supervision is available for therapists throughout the UK.

Whether you prefer supervision in person, via telephone or Skype, I believe in creating a non-judgmental and open relationship which is based on trust and mutual respect. This allows you to identify your own strengths and any areas that may need developing, whilst continuing to practice in a safe, ethical and professional manner. I offer an informal and relaxed, yet constructive approach to supervision, so that you can feel at ease and get the most from your supervision sessions.

Originally from a background in the advertising and design industry, I have worked with several marketing and advertising agencies throughout the Yorkshire region and have a wealth of both off and online marketing knowledge to draw upon, in order to help you further develop and promote your hypnotherapy practice.

For more information about hypnotherapy supervision, please visit my website here.