Stop Smoking

Nobody is born as a smoker; smoking is something that people choose to do for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it was peer pressure from friends when you were younger. Maybe you smoked that first cigarette because you were curious, bored or wanted to appear more ‘grown up’.

The thought of having to give up doing something that we enjoy is not one that many of us look forward to. However, rather than giving something up, all you are actually doing is returning to being a non smoker again; something that you are already familiar with.

If you want to stop smoking but are finding hard to have that last cigarette, then the chances are that you may have already tried nicotine replacement products such as patches, gum or e-cigarettes (vaping). Perhaps you’ve also tried Champix, Zyban or your local NHS stop smoking service. Many people are concerned about gaining weight when they stop smoking, what other people think and how they will cope. Hypnotherapy can help you to address these issues and when combined with your willpower, can be an effective way to stop smoking.

Which therapy?

Hypnotherapy is a popular choice amongst people who want to stop smoking and many hypnotherapists now offer stop smoking sessions or packages which include CDs or MP3s to reinforce the therapeutic suggestions and techniques used during your session, along with advice on how to deal with the nicotine and cigarette cravings.

You can read more about my Stop Smoking hypnotherapy session on my website here.