Public Speaking

If you have a presentation or speech to give, you might have already begun your preparation to make sure that you’re ready for the big day.

A little anxiety is actually normal, particularly if you’re not used to public speaking or presenting. When we have an event to prepare for, we often put pressure on ourselves to get everything right first time and this is often the case with public speaking. We often place additional pressure on ourselves, particularly when performing in front of an audience and this can sometimes lead to excessive anxiety, which our body responds to by releasing chemicals such as adrenaline which gives us extra energy to respond to the situation. However, the calmer we are when delivering a speech or presentation, the easier it is to think more clearly and recall information when we need to.

Which therapy?

Many people find hypnotherapy helpful for dealing with public speaking anxiety or nerves because in hypnosis, communication with the subconscious mind is possible and this is the part of the mind which is responsible for creating the fear and anxiety. Working with your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help you to stay calm and focused so that you can be confident and more relaxed during your speech or presentation. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can also be useful, by changing the way that you interpret and perceive the situation.

You can read more about hypnotherapy for Public Speaking on my website here.