Fears & Phobias

Fear is actually a useful response; it can help us to stay away from danger by prompting us to take action and deal with the source of the fear, or remove ourselves from the situation and this is known as the ‘Fight or Flight Response’.

Although fear can often be useful, we can also have fears which are not always helpful to us. Fears of objects or situations which we know, realistically, are unlikely to cause us any real harm, yet they create intense feelings of fear and can often cause a panic attack, or if left to develop over time, sometimes a phobia. Fear of heights, spiders, injections, visiting the dentist and flying are some of the more common fears and phobias that people can experience and there are many others too.

Which therapy?

Traditionally, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been the treatment of choice for fears and phobias as it enables a person to change the way that they think about the fear-inducing object or situation, whilst practising relaxation techniques to help them remain calm when faced with the cause of their fear.

Hypnotherapy can also be a powerful therapy in the treatment of fears and phobias, since it involves working directly with the subconscious mind, which is where the fear or phobia comes from. Relaxation and anxiety release techniques can also be taught which enable a person to develop a new, calmer way of responding and leave the fear in the past.

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