Fear of Heights

If you’re standing too close to the edge of a cliff, your natural fear of heights will be activated and your subconscious mind will make you move away from the edge to a safer place. This is your ‘fight or flight’ response working correctly, to keep you safe.

However, if you’re climbing a ladder or walking across a footbridge, you know that, realistically, as long as you’re careful, you’ll be reasonably safe. Sometimes, however, your natural fear response can misfire and your subconscious mind sends messages to the rest of your body to respond to the situation as if you were facing a real imminent danger or threat.

Which therapy?

Fear is a response which we usually learn through experience, so the good news is that we can learn a new way to respond instead of with anxiety, fear or even panic. Many people find hypnotherapy helpful for a fear of heights and working with the subconscious mind, relaxation and anxiety release techniques can be taught to enable you to respond in a calmer, more relaxed way. Because fears are often caused by our past experiences, if necessary, techniques can also be used to discover and work with the original source of the fear, enabling you to move forwards and leave the fear behind in the past.

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