Fear of Flying

You might have seen news reports of plane crashes, emergency landings or other aviation incidents on the TV or the internet. Maybe your friends have told you about their bad experiences, or perhaps you’ve been on a plane before and something happened which caused you to become anxious or fearful.

Planes are extremely advanced pieces of technology, so it’s no wonder that many of the background sounds and events that can occur as part of a normal flight can often seem bewildering. Your subconscious mind responds to these feelings of uncertainty by making you anxious or fearful, because it’s trying to protect you from what it thinks might be a potentially dangerous situation.

Fear of flying is often the result of what hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners call a faulty ‘pattern match’. In simple terms, this means that your subconscious mind jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that you are in a dangerous situation, which then causes fear. In more extreme cases, the fear is so great that it can lead to a total avoidance of flying and it’s at this point that the fear becomes a phobia.

Which therapy?

Fear of flying usually develops either as a result of our own past experiences or perhaps hearing about bad or unpleasant experiences from others. Sometimes we develop a fear as a result of the unfamiliar environment or ‘the unknown’ and sometimes the feelings of fear can be due to a feeling of loss of control.

Many people find hypnotherapy very helpful for a fear of flying because in hypnotherapy, a variety of techniques can be used to work with the subconscious mind, to uncover the source of the fear and develop a new, calmer response when flying.

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