Fear of Blood, Needles & Injections

People are often anxious about having injections or blood tests and for some, the fear is so intense that it can stop them from visiting their doctor just in case they might be asked to have a blood test. It can even stop some people from going on holiday if travel vaccinations may be required.

No-one likes having an injection or blood test, however they are a normal part of life and most of us will need an injection or blood test at some point in our lives. When we’ve had an intense fear for a long time, the subconscious mind can start to exaggerate events and things can seem a lot worse than they actually are. What is, in reality, a minor event with maybe a few seconds of mild discomfort, can seem like a terrifying experience which feels as though it lasts a lot longer.

Which therapy?

Fear of blood tests, needles or injections often begins either as a result of a negative past experience or it can develop from anxiety about the unknown. However the fear developed, it is a response that has been learned, so the good news is that it can be unlearned.

Many people find hypnotherapy very helpful for blood tests and injections because in hypnotherapy, a variety of techniques can be used to work with the subconscious mind, to uncover the source of the fear and develop a new, calmer way of responding and leave the fear in the past.

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