Exams, Tests & Interviews

Some anxiety is actually normal, especially when we’re in an unfamiliar situation, doing something for the first time or we put pressure on ourselves to succeed. When we become anxious, our bodies respond by releasing a variety of chemicals including adrenaline and this gives us extra energy and the ability to respond to the situation.

In the right quantity, a small amount of anxiety can actually help us by increasing our ability to remain focused on the task or situation. But if this brief period of anxiety continues, it can start to affect our self confidence and performance. If you’re currently learning to drive, have a job interview or are about to take an exam or test, you may have already begun to practise and prepare for the big day. When we have an event to prepare for, we often put excess pressure on ourselves to get everything right the first time and the same is usually true of tests and interviews.

Which therapy?

In the right quantities, some stress and anxiety can be a good thing, but if we experience too much anxiety or stress, it can become counterproductive and can start to affect our ability to think clearly, make decisions and take action when we need to.

Many people find hypnotherapy very helpful for exams, tests and interviews because a variety of techniques can be used to work with the subconscious mind, to release the old feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty and replace them with calmness and confidence. Learning self hypnosis can also have a very positive effect on our ability to perform at our best during exam, test or interview situations.

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