Confidence & Self Esteem

Have you ever found yourself worrying about what other people think? Maybe you wish you had more confidence in social situations? Do you really wish that you could, but your inner voice tells you that you couldn’t?

Many of us experience a lack of confidence or self esteem, not only during speeches, presentations or public speaking, but also during social situations and sometimes more generally in life. Confidence is something that we develop with practise; the more we do something, the better we become and the more confident we feel when in the same or a similar future situation. However, when our confidence is low, we often become more easily discouraged and this can prevent us from trying and discovering new things.

Which therapy?

The most effective therapy often depends on your individual situation. Hypnotherapy can often be helpful for addressing specific issues such as social situations and speeches and talking therapies such as counselling or psychotherapy may be helpful if you have been experiencing low self esteem for a long time. Talking with someone who is impartial and who can offer a fresh perspective, can help you to think, reflect, view things more objectively and start to feel better.

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